Left on the Drawing Board

November 16, 2016

Every year car designers, create literally dozens of designs that never leave the drawing board. We take a sneak peak at some great designs that never made it to the road. Some for good reason!



Mazda RX-Vision

Quite a stunning vehicle, full sized drivable concepts of this car do exist and can be seen at many of the big car shows next year. With an almost Batmobile-esq front and an obviously Jaguar/ Aston Martin rear, it is a concept that could actually make it to a showroom very soon.


Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

A blend of old and new, hints of 1920s racing with hard DB11 looks make for a hard look. Intended as a track day car or weekend racer, the CC100 is not likely to be seen in your local supermarket carpark anytime soon. 


Lancia Stratos Zero

A blast from the past, but during our research this just popped. Part Lambo, part Batmobile. Lancia hoped to cash in on their racing success and take on Lamborghini in the luxury car market. The Stratos Zero boasts a massive windscreen, which one can assume would be horrendously hot in the summer with its greenhouse effect. Still very eye-catching and worthy of a place ion our list!


Ferrari Concept 2016

Ferrari concepts come in only two flavours: vanilla or fiery chilli, this is the later. Hard F1 design cues, Lambo windows and more wings than a Euro-fighter typhoon. Carbon fibre galore and more plastic bodywork than a barbie doll. (It is a concept after all). Knowing Ferrari, this design will be muted somewhat and released sometime 2018. as the FF 11 44 22 88 Sport (probably). 


Rolls Royce 1000

No, sorry. That's not a car. It's a car from Tron, not a luxury automobile. Every great car in history has curves and lines in just the right places. Here, lines, curves and proportions in general have been thrown out of the window. We understand that some concepts are supposed to be almost ridiculous to drive the creative process, but perhaps Rolls Royce shouldn't have hired Pablo Picasso to draw the outline. 








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