Get Ready For Summer!

March 30, 2017


At time of writing we are just over 80 days away from the official start of summer. You may be stagnating at work, several false starts with relationships and possibly 10lbs overweight....


....But it's never, ever too late to make a change and snatch victory from the jaws of seasonal defeat. So, lets make 2017 a summer to remember, starting now.



Hook up , Patch Up or Break Up

If you're single, it's time to get back out there and make yourself available. If, however, you’re plodding through a strained relationship of any kind, you need to fix it before summer starts. We all have a fond memory of a summer romance, so if you want more treasured memories, start now. Whether that involves addressing an issue you’ve been ignoring or breaking up from a relationship you’re not happy with, you need to make a change. Carrying on further toward summer with bad blood will simply put a black mark on the season and months to come, so you need to fix things as soon as you can. 



Take A Break

Rather than sitting watching repeats of Top Gear Specials for the last days of spiring, use your time to do something that you’ve promised yourself you would do. Whether that’s taking a trip to somewhere a few hours drive away or going to a country that takes you far away from it all, be sure you take a trip you’ve been planning on taking. There’s nothing like experiencing a new place to invigorate the mind and put you in good stead for the rest of the year. Outside the large chunks of the calendar with premium travel prices we call "school holidays", many hotels have ridiculously low room rates upwards of 60% off, so grab a bag and your car keys and see something new!



Get a Grip on Your Career

The middle of the year is a good time to try and find a new job,  if you’re unhappy and unfulfilled in your work then you need to do something about it. Whether that’s something as simple as talking to your boss about your work-load or as important as re-evaluating your entire career, there’s no better time to sit down and start to think about your future direction. Don’t make any knee-jerk or irrational decisions, take time and make sure you’re always staying true to what makes you happy in your work. 



Plan An Investment

Plan investments in tangible assets that you can also enjoy, a bespoke suit or shoes, investing in a luxury timepiece, a classic car or good bottle of whisky or wine. Be sensible however, an investment should have a likely probability of appreciating, tech like iPhones don't.  Whatever you choose, get it planned before the start of summer. This gives you the summer to, for example, visit car auctions or plan your investment fully. There’s nothing as fulfilling as making the purchase of something that’s going to last you a lifetime, so don't delay, go ahead and do it. 



Get a New Fitness Regime

If you want to be in shape for summer, then don’t wait until May to join a gym, go paleo, or buy new trainers. Make the change now and we guarantee the "Summer bulge" will be a distant memory. Getting your trainers laced up and your legs onto the treadmill will make the dreaded and inevitable Pre-Summer Bulge Panic ( PSBP ™) much easier to deal with. If you've let it go for too long, don't slap on some old trainer and plan a 20km jog! You'll injure yourself and kill your motivation to do any workouts again. Instead do a planned program that eases you into it. We personally recommend:


 For Cardio Fitness or


For Strength Training 


These are great programs to kickstart the "summer you" and you'll have the quiet satisfaction that you have a plan in place. 





For some men summer seems to be treated as a sign they can "dress down" or scruffily. That an old battered t-shirt last seen in the summer of '89 is still a stylish choice. BBQ and beer stains and all. 

A few well chosen items that can be mixed and matched will prove a far more acceptable formulae this summer. Beige Jeans or chinos twinned with a Navy polo shirt are timeless classics suited to holidays, casual events and summer bars with dress codes. A white shirt and shawl cardigan can also change the vibe of the outfit, perfect for the late evenings when the suns setting and a cool breeze arrives. 


        The simple and classic Navy Polo And Chino Jeans                          The White Shirt and Shawl Cardigan Combo



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