Valentine's Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Secretly Wants!

January 27, 2017

In his first time writing for Blades, Peter Minkoff gives us the gents guide to successful gift giving this Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is approaching. If you haven’t started preparing a gift for your significant other, then now is the time. Even though last minute shopping can sometimes turn out good, we always recommend planning the whole day in advance, so you can weight out your options. With that in mind, here are a couple of gift ideas that your girlfriend will certainly love.



Women love flashy things and there is nothing flashier and prettier than a piece of jewellery. Items like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to go diamond or gold, it just needs to be meaningful. You can even engrave a message or your initials to add more personal value. Also, stay away from rings, they usually have different, more serious meaning, so save them for the right moment.


A piece of clothing

Clothing is always a great gift, but on Valentine’s Day it needs to be a bit more special, so don’t buy small things, like hats, gloves, etc. Ask your girlfriend`s best friend for advice; they usually know what is on their mind when it comes to fashion. Also, you can’t go wrong with some practical, everyday items, so we suggest that you look for day dresses online. Depending on your girlfriend’s style, you can opt for either romantic, floral pattern or cute polka dots. Just make sure you check her size before placing an order.


DIY gifts

Handmade gifts are always popular for Valentine’s Day. In the past mixtapes used to be the hot thing, but now there are other popular options, like drawing a picture, building something from scratch, etc. For example, if you know that your girlfriend is planning to buy a new coffee table, you can gift her a handmade one built by you.


There is really not much skill required for such a task; you will only need a couple of basic wood carving tools, and a lot of patience. Just follow the guide and you will be perfectly fine. This gift requires more effort and time than the rest on this list so make sure you start on time.


A bag full of sweets

Everybody loves sweets and if you get her a bag full of her favourite ones, then there is no chance you will screw up. To make it a bit more special, it`s Valentine’s Day after all, get a big box and fill it with candies. You can toss in a thoughtful card with a nice and sincere message. In the end, wrap the box in love-themed paper to add a bit more flavour and tie a couple of balloons to the box. Enjoy pure happiness when you give her the gift.


A surprise visit

Lastly, we have an idea for all the couples that will be away from each other on this day. If your girlfriend is busy working and can’t make it back home on time, instead of sending her a bunch of flowers, maybe you should pay her a surprise visit. There is nothing worse than being alone on Valentine`s Day, so if you have the time and money, go spend a couple of days with her, it will mean a lot.


And that is all. As you can see, there is something for everyone. Even if you don’t have that big of a budget, there are gift ideas that will certainly impress your girlfriend. In the end, it all comes down to the thought behind the gift and not the value.



Peter Minkoff: 


Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!

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