5 Reasons Men Are Obsessed With Sports Cars

February 14, 2017


Instead of trying to understand why men are obsessed with sports cars, why don’t we solve a few of Einstein’s unsolved equations – it would take less time! In short, men love sports cars because they’re fast, bold, strong, cool, powerful, attractive and always the centre of attention – that’s everything men are, or wish to be. They identify with these cars, envy them and try to be equally appealing. Here are 5 most common reasons for this obsession.


A Way to Express Yourself

It’s quite obvious that sports cars are a man’s way to express himself and his true nature. Some of us aren’t as buff, lean or good looking as we’d like to be, so owning a sports car with all the traits you’d like to have yourself makes you feel much better about your life. And it’s only natural – even scientific studies prove it – to choose a car in accordance with who you are on the inside. Yes, this approach might seem odd at first, but it’s actually simple to understand: if life gives you lemons, you shouldn’t only make lemonade, but sell it and buy a sports car.


A Way to Know You’re Successful

Not being able to fulfil all our dreams, we always crave for more and wonder whether we’ve achieved enough. But, if you have a potent and visually appealing sports car, you can be sure you’ve reached success. These cars are usually expensive to purchase and maintain, and you can’t own one unless you have a big paycheque coming your way every month. And knowing that, you can be content with what you’ve done with your life and be proud of your achievements. 

A Way to Show You’re Cunning

However, not all sports car require you to sell a kidney on the black market before the purchase. Some of them are more affordable than you think, while the others don’t require you to spend that much money on regular maintenance. Therefore, finding and buying such a model will show the world you’re resourceful, cunning and good with money. Moreover, you’ll become the talk of the neighbourhood and everyone will praise you for your smart purchase.


A Way to Get Busy

Another great benefit of sports cars is just how engaging they can be – you can work on them for hours, pimp their rims and come up with new and exciting paint colours, tones and textures. This is just a fun way to spend your weekends and even improve your imagination a bit. There are lots of things to choose from when customising your sports car. Most people focus on calipers, front wings and the exhaust system, but don’t forget Bendix brakes as they’re crucial for sports cars’ appearance and safety; do try to find the best pieces on the market, you can’t put a price tag on style.

A Way to Get What You Want

If everything else fails in life, your car will always be by your side. It’s a good listener and someone you can tell all your secrets to without being judged. We name our cars, pet them, repaint them and dress them in pretty seat covers. We consider them our sweethearts and our best friends, and some people form a more meaningful relationship with their car than with the humans in their surroundings. Finally, cars provide comfort and protection, and you can count on them even if you need a place to spend the night.


Other Reasons

Besides these reasons, men also love sports cars because they display class and masculinity, show that they follow current trends and, of course, attract women, which has even been scientifically proven at the University of Wales several years ago.



Peter Minkoff: 


Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!

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