5 Reasons Why You Should Try Krav Maga!

February 28, 2017

Training in martial arts is cool. It’s best we get that out of the way first. Unfortunately, not all combat systems were created equal, as most martial arts in the world are taught as sports with strictly defined sets of rules you must follow.

On the street, there are no rules and there is no forgiveness.

One martial art that has stood the test time for decades is Krav Maga. In the following, you will find out why Krav Maga is the most effective self-defence system in the world, and why you should try it out yourself.

Get ready.



Learn To Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Situational awareness is one of the most important aspects of self-defence, as it teaches you to be prepared and act preemptively, whether it’s a preemptive assault or avoiding the conflict altogether.


Because of the unforgiving nature of reality, Krav Maga is specifically designed to teach you how to behave in the face of danger, what work on the street and what doesn’t, and, contrary to most martial arts, that opponents fight back, and fight back hard.This martial art will prepare you for every real-life situation other martial arts simply cannot.


Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Krav Maga does it all. When you’re faced with day to day preparation for unexpected circumstances, you are faced with hard training, psychological challenges and the demand for fast decision-making and acting.


Unlike other sports where you’re fairly certain of what the opponent’s next move might be, Krav Maga teaches you to expect the unexpected, and be ready for multiple attackers in various scenarios, where making the right call of fight or flight will make all the difference. You will become physically ready, strong, more coordinated and a better person overall.


Becoming Humble and Respectful

Every martial art will teach you two things: humility and respect. You will learn them as you progress through your training and become more versed in your combat skills.


Ever noticed that people who are serious fighters are mostly quiet and very nice, assertive and respectful, avoiding contact and defusing situations? That is because they are very aware of their capabilities and have achieved a level of self-confidence most of us don’t have.


Confidence is what makes them calm and strong, and you can be just like that by learning this system.


Learning to Trust Your Instincts


And act on them. The best Krav Maga schools in the world teach people how to trust their gut feeling and act decisively when most people freeze in the face of conflict. Krav Maga Systems centre is one of the best in the world and there you will learn all of that, and much more.


Learning to defuse a situation or run away is the most effective method of self-defense, and Krav Maga teaches you to always try and avoid conflict if possible.


On the other hand, if a conflict is absolutely unavoidable, well, read on.


Overpowering any Situation

You take control, and you strike. When you train Krav Maga, you learn to strike with such force and effectiveness, that you will rarely find someone able to confront your attacks.


Many professional fighters who train in boxing or MMA come to a Krav Maga school and get their butts handed to them by the effectiveness of the system. You will learn to use play to your advantages, use the quickest and most brutal combinations of punches, takedowns, and dislocations in order to end the confrontation as quickly as possible.


Do not think that you can join a Krav Maga class just so you could beat up everyone around you and act tough; you’re likely to get expelled with that attitude.


Try out this system for yourself and you will feel safe, in peak physical condition, and able to always protect yourself and the ones you love. 



Features Writer; Peter Minkoff

Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!


See and Follow his further work here;

The Beard Mag



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