Everything You Need to Know About Broga

May 10, 2017

Ever wanted to find out what is all the fuss about yoga, why your girlfriend swears by it and what are the health benefits, but you were too much of a macho man to be seen stretching your manly body into ungodly positions? Imagine if someone you know saw you doing yoga with a bunch of women - embarrassing as hell.



Well, good news for you, there is a new trend taking over the world and it allows you to get all the health benefits that yoga has to offer, with an emphasis on strength training, and minus the embarrassment.


Enter, Broga.


What is it and how does it work?

What happens when a former professional football player and bodybuilder realises that traditional yoga has tremendous health benefits for men? He adapts it, naturally, so that you can work around your insecurities and become inspired to try it out yourself. Matthew “The Pillar” Miller has created a new yoga practice that eliminates the stigma around it and lets men feel comfortable doing it - that’s right, yoga is no longer solely reserved for women.


Miller has transformed the traditional yoga concept into a challenging training regimen for men (and women, of course), that emphasizes strength, flexibility and mobility and muscle- toning with all the tremendous health benefits of traditional yoga. 


You will go through a challenging one-hour session filled with healthy stretching techniques, asanas that increase the libido and improve your posture. It will also include different types of holds and a fast-paced cardio session that will increase your GPP (general physical preparation) and strength. 


This workout has become famous for its ability to burn excess fat and tone the muscles, while allowing you to correct your neck alignment, fix pelvic tilting and even out your hips, all of which are crucial for regulating numerous bodily functions and a healthy lifestyle.


The equipment you need

While Broga essentially requires nothing more than a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, it is all about adopting the proper mindset. Imbue your mind and soul with positivity by surrounding yourself with all the things that bring you peace and tranquility.


However, to achieve that, you will need adequate yoga equipment, and the right kind of clothes that will allow you to move freely and stay dry at the same time. You can find the best yoga equipment at Sivana Spirit, everything from shorts and shirts to healing bracelets and yoga mats.


Is Broga right for you?

Just like traditional yoga, Broga is meant for all age groups. There are simply no downsides to this “sport” and the benefits are numerous. The practice has a positive effect on children whose young bodies are still in development, as it instills good habits, improves their posture and creates a foundation of strength and positivity without the need for dangerous weight exercises.


On the other hand, older males might benefit even more from practicing Broga. It builds much-needed strength and endurance by enhancing joint, muscle and organ health, while forcing the body to become more mobile, nimble, and flexible. 


Broga can help with treating and easing the symptoms of many health conditions, such as asthma in children and adults, joint pain, rehabilitation from physical trauma and surgery, boosting the immune system. It successfully eliminates stress and depression, by inspiring positivity and enforcing healthy physical training.

Lastly, Broga is a great group hobby, where you can take your girlfriend, your entire family, or just your bros for some male bonding time. 


In the end, every physical activity has its health benefits, so whether you’re doing yoga, cycling or you’re pumping iron at the gym, you will feel healthier and younger - it’s what working out does to you. So, give Broga a try and see how your body, as well as your worldview, transform before your very eyes.



Features Writer; Peter Minkoff

Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!


See and Follow his further work here;

The Beard Mag



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