A Gentleman’s Guide to Weight Loss

June 12, 2017

Although it often sounds quite easy, losing weight should never be taken lightly. Moreover, it’s especially challenging when you reach a certain age or can’t set aside enough time from your busy schedule for a daily visit to the gym. That’s why you need to seek professional advice, make a detailed plan and think ahead more than usual. So, if you’re a busy man who can’t seem to lose enough weight, here’s a guide that might help you through the process.




Make Realistic Projections

First of all, you need to understand how much weight you want to lose and, more importantly, how much you can lose. Making realistic plans and trying to stick to them is vital, so don’t expect miracles and then get depressed when you fail. You need to calculate your BMI and consult a weight/height chart that will tell you what your ideal weight is. Only then will you know how much you need to lose and you’ll have a clear goal in front of you.



Drink Lots of Water

This may sound like the most boring and ineffective advice out there, but it’s actually one of the best ones when it comes to losing weight. Probably the biggest problem with most people trying to slim down is eating snacks and filling up with harmful and fattening food they don’t even need, but eat because they’re used to it. Most of them feel hungry even though they really aren’t or eat simply because they’re bored. These are the situations where water can do wonders for your body as it controls your appetite, makes you less hungry and helps you burn more calories.



Consult useful bacteria 

This is another idea most people are unaware of, but it’s highly effective and scientifically proven to be successful. Losing weight using probiotic bacteria can seem strange at first, but more and more men all around the world are incorporating probiotics into their daily diet in order to control their body weight. Probiotics can lower your appetite and regulate your food cravings, which is especially great if you’re a fan of sweets and eat them uncontrollably. Moreover, they can help your body process fat more effectively instead of storing it. This is the reason why you might want to give reliable probiotics a try and see what kind of a change they can bring into your fight against excessive weight. 



Smart food choices

Relying on fast food and unhealthy meals might have worked for you when you were younger, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t now. Even though it sounds too simple to be true, eating a home-cooked meal every single day will make a major change in your body and help you lose weight quickly and efficiently. Making sure your daily menu is full of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, seeds, nuts and whole grains will not only keep you stay away from unhealthy fast food, but also balance your calorie intake and ultimately make you leaner.



Train right

Losing weight is not only about what you eat, it’s also about how much you train. All you need to do is find the proper fitness program for your goals and lifestyle. If you prefer cardio, you can go running. Treat yourself to a comfortable pair of running shoes, and hit the pavement. If you’d rather build some muscle, why not try lifting weights. Strength training will define your muscles and help you burn more calories as well. Make sure you wear quality bodybuilding clothing, to maximise your efforts and prevent injuries. 



Other ideas

If you’re a man with a lot on your plate, you may not always have enough time for the gym. That’s why you should think in another direction when trying to lose weight and find other effective ways to reach your goals. One of the additional ideas to explore are natural fat burners that will surely help you get ripped, while leaving your health intact. Also, look into alternative fitness options – equip your office with a stationary bike or practice yoga during your lunch break. Ultimately, stop smoking and drinking alcohol: this will help you lose weight and also turn you into a classier person, which is something every gentleman wants. 



Features Writer; Peter Minkoff

Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!


See and Follow his further work here;

The Beard Mag



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