Pieces For The Perfect Bachelor Pad

September 29, 2017

Everything about a gentleman's home should be simple, refined and unreservedly masculine. No fancy cushions, subtle chinches or "rainy day" quote signs. The reverse is also true, no engine parts, nude posters or beer pumps...we are gentlemen..no rednecks after all. 

A mans home should say something about him and his tastes. Yes, it should be filled with things you enjoy and appreciate but it must also be welcoming and homely to any potential visitors you may have, especially female visitors. 


A Man Of Games...


There’s something undeniably gentlemanly about having your own set of boardgames and we don't mean Cluedo or warhammer! We mean classic games that provide all manner of entertainment for both himself and guests. A wellmade backgammon or chess set is the perfect accompaniment to your daily life. This shows you as a man that it cerebral and can find stimulation away from the TV screen. 


A Shelf Of Classic Books...

Thankfully we may now have seen the fall of ebooks, the spritzer of the literary world. A shelf of a few well chosen books can offer years of enjoyment and showcase your "well read" credentials. A few great choices are: 


Casino Royale 

To kill A Mockingbird

Debretts Modern Gentleman

SunTsu The Art Of War

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy


A Putting Range..

Whether you are interested in golf to little extent, this is a great diversion to have in your pad. A way to play a gentleman's sport that can pass as practice. If well situated it can be a nice aesthetic to have some greenery in your living space. Great fun for any visitors and a great way to empty your mind for a few moments. 


An Auditory Traditionalist...

Perhaps seen as something of a "hipster" trait, yet a man who can appreciate vinyl is worth knowing. Setting aside a shelf for a record player and some choice LPs will set you apart when you have romantic company. No Spotify adverts or radio DJs to interrupt your appreciation of fine music. 




When it comes to wall art, this is a matter of personal taste. Don't put something on the wall you don't like in the hope of impressing someone else. You can go ultra modern with abstract art (such as the Otterson vase), man cave with some black and white photography or movie posters. With movie posters, avoid new films. Go for ones that were more artistically made, a poster from Alien or Rogue One will not add to your credibility as a man of taste. Vintage Bond, Hitchcock, etc will show far more class. 



Once again, simple is best. Avoid black, this instantly smacks of pornographer if you ever have an overnight guest. Instead plump for shades of grey (no pun intended), slate or charcoal are timeless, wash well and are classically sophisticated. 

Go for as high a thread count as possible 400 minimum. Opt for sheets but have a duvet for the winter months in a three season rating. Also, if your mattress has a dip, as if a ninja turtle has been sleeping in it...it's time for a new one. 



The kitchen is where you should be wanting to constantly expand your culinary repertoire. Yet there will always be those days when you really can't be bothered and wish you had a valet to make your breakfast for you. The SMART breakfast master is here to help. Making you perfect toast, eggs (any way you like) and bacon. Simple, clean and fast. Gadgets will always have a place in the bachelors pad and of they can make life easier then enjoy them.   




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