A Gentleman's Guide To Travelling

October 3, 2017

An investigation carried out amongst airline operators has revealed that arrests of passengers drunk at UK airports and it's departing flights has risen by 50 per cent in the last year. Flying, it would appear, is becoming less sophisticated by the day and it's one time glamorous sheen has become tarnished.

It would be seriously naive of us to assume that all travelling woes are resultant from the bottom of a bottle. Airplanes, cruises, train journeys and there respective check-in queues and departure lounges are all fraught with the rude and the boisterous . 


Don't Invade Personal Space 

A major peeve in life in general is getting in people’s way. Brushing past passengers with your bag when boarding to falling asleep on their shoulder half way to Singapore, there are few things so annoying as the person next to you who pervades in invading your space. So don't be this person, think before you stretch out your legs and be sure to keep within the confines of your own seat at all times.


Don’t recline your seat without checking the coast is clear behind you first, you don't want to catapult some ladies drink. Also don’t overfill your fair share of the overheard compartment, you should learn how to travel light and don’t spread yourself across all three centre seats. If you’re the unlucky recipient of the middle seat, the armrests on each side are rightfully yours.


Pack Light And Handle Luggage Carefully

How irksome is it what you get hit, grazed or run over by someone with an over-sized, wheelie piece of hand-luggage? Some take the largest piece possible and one can only assume, fills it with their rock collection. Whether you have weight limits or not, travel light. A book, spare shirt, chinos, (incase you have s spill from the stewardess pouring coffee), a notebook and pen and finally phone and headphones. Also your travel documents. Anything more is just a nuisance to yourself and fellow passengers. 


Disembark In An Orderly Fashion

Unless you are in First Class, then there is no set rule as to how to disembark. However there are certain unwritten rules about disembarking both cruise-lines and aircraft . Firstly, take your time. Unless you have a connecting flight that you’re chronically late for, or a bathroom emergency, then you easily have the ten minutes it takes for everyone in front of you to get off the plane. Your luggage will still be on the carousel, so take your time and save everyone the stress.


Also, and I can't believe this isn't obvious to all, but don’t push, always offer to help people with their bags if they are caught in the overhead storage and ensure that groups and families aren’t split up by you pushing. Remain seated until you can actually move, calmly remove your bag and get off without fuss, always pausing to thank the cabin crew.


Limit Your Alcohol 

Remember our intro about the steep climb in alcohol related arrests in the UK? Drinking on flights is nothing new, but it seems to be taken as a right rather than a privilege. With far more spirits and cheap lager being consumed in mid-air than they are in the airport!  One drink for every two hours of flight is perfectly acceptable, but start popping any more or quicker than that and you’ll be in trouble. 





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