How To Do A Perfect Bicep Curl

October 4, 2017

The size of a man's bicep is taken as a measure of a man's overall strength. It is often visible through shirts and the pursuit of bigger ones is the subject of many magazine articles. 

Along with the classic pull-up and push-up, the bicep curl is the go-to training technique for those looking to bulk up their upper arms. Also few activities are as satisfying as pulling it off with perfect technique. Follow these steps below and you’ll find the iron impossible to put down.


Keep The Weight Off Of Your Feet

If you’re trying to work the upper body, you shouldn’t be taking all of the weight with your legs. Take a bench and either sit with a single barbell, or at least stand with a narrow stance and switch between alternate arms and both at once.



Don't Rush



Many men seem to try and hammer their curls out as fast as possible, as if it want feel as hard if they do they fast. It’s easy to do: but start by pulling your shoulders back and make sure abs are engaged when attempting the exercise. Take a good grip of equal weights in each hand, palms facing each other – then twist and raise your palms upward, bringing the bells to shoulder level before returning. Keep your biceps against your torso; all the leverage should be from elbows down.If you still find yourself rushing try counting from 1 to 6 as you raise your arm and the same on the way down, this will force you to take your time with the lift. 



I know how to breathe! Yep, but you'd be amazed how many hold their breath during a heavy lift and clench their jaw all the while shaking as they attempt to move the weight. Breathe in as you lower, breath out as you lift. Simple! It’s far easier to exhale when your chest muscles are contracting on the way up.


Set Limits and Goals 

The finest technique in the world won't help you lift a weight that's too heavy for you. Ensure you've warmed up in advance and begin with a low weight to gauge your strength level . Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, gradually increasing the weight with successive workouts. If you find you've plateaued then switch to a 5 x 5 program, this is five sets of five reps increasing the weight slightly each workout. 


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