The Perfect Weekend

October 4, 2017

The week has been long, email pingpong with your boss has left you mentally weary. But have no fear, it's Friday 6pm and the weekend is all yours.

Friday Night

This is where the weekend really starts. Get out of those work clothes and take a hot shower, use your finest bath products and relax. Slip into your favourite comfy clothes and unwind a little. A glass of wine or a decent G&T are the perfect way to imbibe after a day of stressful emailing. Dinner should be light, healthy and yet comforting, so trot out your favourite pasta dish. 

Saturday Morning

After a suitable number of times hitting the "snooze" button, it's time to seize the day. A few bodyweight exercises are always a great way to get the blood flowing. A dozen squats, press ups and pull ups will always pay dividends. 


Breakfast - the weekend is always a great opportunity to make breakfast more of an occasion. Using your caffetiere as opposed to instant coffee, squeezing your own orange juice and having a cooked breakfast. Bacon, eggs and toast are always a solid choice. If you're feeling cheeky, indulge in a few homemade pancakes and fresh fruit. 

After breakfast, shower, shave and dress. It's time to head outdoors! If you're not into a particular sport, such as golf, then a country walk is top of the list. Any number of national parks, country trails and coastlines have great walks. Stretch your legs and get some exercise. If you prefer something a bit more intense, grab your running shoes and go for a run, weather regardless. There are few great feelings like returning from a wet walk or run and hopping into a hot shower. 

Saturday Afternoon

This is your "indoor" time, here you can catch up on your TV shows, read the papers or a book. This is time to let your mind switch off. To silence the voice in your head for a while. If you can't bear being at home, then head to the cinema and see a new release or as many do - find a local snooker club and improve your game. 

Saturday Night

This can be the "lonely night" if you're single. While all your attached friends are out and having couples dinners with other couples, you're stuck with no company. Instead, get ready and go out. Find your local singles event, no singles bar, and go to it. These events charge a small fee - about £15 - and have activities designed to introduce you to as many singletons as possible. You can also go old-school and enroll in a speed dating event. If you lack confidence, these are great ways to push your comfort zone a little.


Sunday Morning 

Relax with the papers and a coffee. Breakfast today should be light as we have plans later. If you haven't squeezed any exercise into your weekend then now is the time. A 20 minute run or a few resistance exercises at least. Afterwards shave, shower and slip on your best Sunday smart clothes. 

Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is a tradition never to be missed, we always recommend booking somewhere nice rather than stressing about it at home. Before hand head out for a country drive, grab your keys and best Harrington jacket and see the countryside at a brisk pace. A drive to a nice place for lunch, just has a great sense of occasion about it. 


Sunday Afternoon 

Returning home after your lunch via the most scenic route possible. Kick off your shoes, get the fire lit and pour yourself your favourite tipple. A tot of your finest whisky or brandy is the perfect way to settle the indulgence of lunch. You can either relax with a good book or put your favourite film on the box. All the while forgetting you have work tomorrow.










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