Akileine - The Monaco, Winter Skincare Brand

November 6, 2017

Well today is the coldest morning we've had on our trip to the office. Dusting off the ice scraper, winter gloves and scarf. It's also when all the grooming companies start pushing to be named "best winter moisturiser" or "must have winter skincare brand". Whereas our secret these past two years has been a little known brand, from the principality of Monaco!


A few years ago I suffered from chilblains as a result of lengthy exposure to wet/freezing conditions. If you've had chilblains you'll know how itchy, uncomfortable and torturous they can be. After some research I found this cream which not only treated them but has prevented all manner of winter related skincare issues ever since.  



Akileine Winter Cream has a proven protective action against the consequences of cold and humid weather on the skin.   Prevents chilblains (thank God)and frostbite, calming any inflammation and itching. It's unique blend of oils and ingredients reinforces the natural hydro-lipidic barrier and helps the skin to fight the effects of cold. Keeping the skin supple and resistant.




Not fragranced but has a natural smell that some higher end brands could do well to take note of! Reasonably priced at just £9.50 for 75ml ,but comes with the bragging rights of having a Monaco Skincare brand in your wash bag. 





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