A Gent's Guide to Hong Kong

July 14, 2018


The recent boom of cool eateries, fancy restaurants, as well as hipster-loved hideout bars has brought on a sort of a travel frenzy to this diverse metropolis.

Unlike any other city you’ll find in the region, Hong Kong is both a treasure trove of historic landmarks, as well as a hive of modern architecture and entertainment. It seems that this is one of those increasingly popular cities where “all the cool kids” go. 


As the time to make autumn travel plans approaches, you can start by letting yourself be dazzled into a trip to Hong Kong – with so much to offer to satisfy all preferences, this will be a fairly easy task to perform. So, let’s dive into the wonders of this rising star, and see what you should put on your must-see list before you look for the first available flight from Heathrow. 


Enjoy some oriental grooming

Ladies are no longer the only ones who can enjoy some good old-fashioned pampering in the East. In fact, the trend of salons devoted solely to male grooming has experienced quite an expansion recently. Even if you’re not the facial-type-of-guy who regularly enjoys a sauna, Hong Kong’s top grooming experiences have a tendency to convert even the most unwavering manly minds. 

One establishment that deserves your undivided attention is certainly the Mandarin Oriental Barber, a place where old-fashioned décor paired with skilled hands make for an exhilaratingly manly experience. From lush facials, all the way to reflexology, you can enjoy a vast range of rejuvenating and refreshing treatments. Conveniently located in the Central district, so tantalisingly close to all things delicious, you’ll be able to continue your adventure seamlessly as soon as you’re done with your treatment.


Unleash your inner foodie

While you’re in the neighbourhood, keep in mind that there are many exquisite restaurants in Central that are bound to tease your palate and keep your taste-buds intrigued. After all, this is the Orient, and thanks to the many modern influences mixed in with traditional cuisine, you’ll discover that the Hong Kong menu is fireworks for your inner gourmet.

You’d be surprised at just how well they serve their barbecue specials, as they are able to turn a plain portion of pork ribs into a work of art – and don’t skip the brunch, as this hipster trend ensures a list of dishes to die for. However, in addition to indulging in your protein-loving meals, make sure to try their local dim sum dishes, as they are the signature meal of the region. 


Get cultured 

No matter how brief your stay may be, the least you can do is cram a history lesson by visiting some of the most renowned Hong Kong museums. A great place to start is their famous Hong Kong Museum of History, which provides a not-so-succinct exhibition of 400 million years’ worth of their local history and heritage, but worth every droplet of attention you’ll need to absorb the intriguing details.

If you’re a fan of local events, by all means, time your trip to coincide with the famous Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most famous of its kind. You’ll have all the excuses you’ll need to enjoy moon cakes as much as you please, and you’ll witness some of the most incredible dragon dances and enjoy the beauty of lanterns. 


Leave the city behind

Fitness buffs and nature lovers alike will be happy to hear that Hong Kong is not just an urban jungle brimming with concrete, but a perfect getaway to explore the surrounding landscape. The views of the city panorama alone will make mastering the trails worth the effort, while the experience of exploring their pristine wealth of nature will make the trip all the more rewarding. The lush greenery of Hong Kong is one of those experiences that will make you feel grateful for all that our humble planet has given us – that is how majestic these views are.


An all-time favourite both among locals and tourists is dubbed the Dragon’s Back trail, and it boasts an unparalleled coastal view. Add to that the opportunity to see and visit some of the local villages that still preserve some of their timeless traditions, and you’ll have a complete cultural experience. 


Shop ‘til you drop 

Unless you are completely immune to the wonders of shopping, in which case Hong Kong just might change your mind, you can skip the following spots – but you’ll regret it later. It’s not the shopping malls that you should go to, although they do offer a wide variety of stores to please many tastes, but it’s the little, local shops that will be worth your while.

Minimalist males will adore the locally adored Delstore, a collection of quality, yet unimposing pieces that are not burdened by trends. This is where you stock up on items that you’ll pass onto your grandkids some day. Happy to browse? You’ll enjoy the quirky feel of kapok’s unusual selection of completely unrelated items, from watches, notebooks, artsy pieces, to dress shoes. 



Features Writer; Peter Minkoff

Peter is a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & High Street Gent magazines from UK. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe! His future plans are in creating a personal blog for men's grooming!


See and Follow his further work here;

The Beard Mag



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