3 Ways to Style Your Beard

August 27, 2018

When it comes to beards, we all know they come in all shapes, sizes and styles...

The difficult part? Is working out the ‘right’ shape, size and style that is meant for you ­ to make the most of your beard. What looks great on one guy who has a square type face with thick facial fur, might not look so good with a patchier type beard with a guy who has a round face.


Now, we’ve tried to help you out by sticking to three core basic styles that basically suit every beardsman and we’ll discuss each in turn. What we always do recommend, if you are unsure about styling up that beard is heading down to a local and trusted beard barber (make sure to come armed with a set of questions too, if you are a little unsure).


Short & Put Together Beard

Really, you can’t go wrong here. No matter what your facial structure is or how much beard you can spout, a short and neat beard always looks the part. A trusted beard trimmer is all you need.


The key aspects here though is making sure you get both your cheek and neckline right. Don’t make the common mistake that most guys make and confuse your neckline with your cheek line. It should sit just right above the adam’s apple and concur around to the sides of your jaw.


Extra bonus style points for a bit of beard fading too. Plus, with the countless studies at hand with beards and attractiveness ­ this style seems to come out top, every single time.


The Classic Beard

For the classic beard look. You’re going to need get a little shrewd. Looks easy enough, the skill is just in the shaping aspects.


Make sure you pick up a decent pair of proper beard scissors and a decent beard trimmer. The trimmer will be for defining the cheek and proper neckline.


We recommend you head to the barber on your first ever cut, just to give you a base to work from and then you can copy and just top it up. The trick is to try and keep all the hairs the same length around the bulk of your beard (i.e under your chin) in a sweeping back motion. Don’t the mistake of over trimming your moustache either, it should lean up right against your top lip.


The Full­-On Hipster Beard

The key here? It’s just patience.


Beards, they take a long time to grow. Simple to grow, literally just put that razor down and wait it out. Hard to achieve. You’re going to go through itchiness, perhaps even the likes of beard dandruff and a whole host of other problems if you don’t keep on top of it (we’ll go over a short grooming routine in just a bit).


To get the look, it’s about pruning more than anything, that’s why it’s important to invest in a quality pair of beard scissors, so you can tend to your moustache so it doesn’t fall too much across your lip and also remove any split ends that are starting to occur. Any stray fly-aways that just aren’t behaving? Just give them the snip.


Make regular use of a comb and brush and train to style your beard into place. A hipster beard isn’t something that has to be carefully crafted and shaped (you do have the option to, just if it is for the first time I would head to a barber and then follow the lines they have set) they just have to have a bit of substance.


Beard Grooming Routine

With all the beard styles make sure you are regularly maintaining your beard too. Set up a grooming routine that looks a little like this (obviously the larger the beard, the more grooming required):


i) Apply beard oil and balm pretty much daily (ideally just after you’ve got out the shower and your beard is just still a little damp), this will help with keeping your beard soft, manageable and just day to day ownership of beard ­ it will save you running into a lot of problems down the line.


ii) Following up the oil and balm, make use of a proper beard comb (not the cheap PVC ones you get a local petrol stations) and/or a boar bristle brush to help with distributing the natural oils that reside in your beard (namely sebum)


iii) Maintain the style, with a shorter beard it is easy (just use a beard trimmer) the classic and hipster, you’re going to need a pair of snips to really make the best work.


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