The New Name In Luxury Skincare - Crème Du Loch

July 15, 2019

Arriving in a small white shipping box, emblazoned with a gold kelp logo. My curiosity was instantly drawn to this package in my mail pile. Little did I know what a treat I was in store for...

What Is It?

So when I opened the shipper I was greeted by a vibrant green and gold cubed box. Nice and weighty and cellophane wrapped. Then in gold embossed writing across the front it clearly states "AGE-DEFYING DAILY MOISTURISER". Nice they made that clear, i've had many expensive products who seem to try and beguile you with french or scientific terminology. Just tell me straight what it is! The company website states "This is the very first launch in this new and innovative range of anti-aging skincare, containing powerful active ingredients". So far so good... The vibe i'm getting from the promo material and packaging is they are hitting the sweet spot between nature and science. 


What's In It?

The two "big hitters" in this moisturiser are the latest variant of Retinol and specially selected, cold water kelp which is harvested and refined into a rich, nutrient dense, fast absorbing and buttery soft cream. Other essential oils make it a unique choice; such as cranberry seed oil, sesame seed oil and the dominant scent of cucumber oil. 

Reading other testimonials many describe it as "Ultra rich", "dewy" and "souffle like. The Crème Du Loch formula is unique in that it is purposely formulated to be absorbed quickly and harmonise with your skin and any  grooming product you chose to then apply.


Who Makes It?

While Crème Du Loch is a new name, the people behind it have some serious experience with over 40 years in the luxury skincare industry. Seeing that "the major brands had lost sight of what we wanted and actually needed from our skincare. So we charted a different course". Collaborating with leading biochemists, innovative manufacturers and sourcing their own ingredients from the Scottish coast. This seems to have been a true passion project. 



On opening the gold lid of this 50ml pot, you would quickly think this was a dense and heavy moisturiser. I worry about heavy creams as I am prone to razor burn and other nasties, however I was quickly reassured when I tried a small amount on the rear of my hand. Spreading and almost melting into my skin. This was quite miraculous, as it changed from butter to invisible in a few gentle swirling rubs. 


The scent is great, a simple straightforward cucumber smell. The bonus being it's not an added fragrance like many mens products but is actually due to the use of cucumber oil in the formula. 


After using this for a few weeks I can say it's a firm favourite and a great product. My skin has never been so clear and "stable". By that, no sudden drying out, redness or other daily issues I usually face. It's also the first truly hydrating moisturiser I've used that doesn't make me feel greasy. ​The price is what I'd call fair, sitting in the higher end but still justifiable for the results you receive. A whole pot lasting me around one and a half months and morning and night use. This is a wonderful product and perfect for yourself or even your other-half.



Crème Du Loch - 50ml - £49  



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